Tent of Round Sky

Tent of Round Sky, DesignTide 

Following the exhibition of OnWall in 2006, the same designers made this second show at DesignTide Tokyo.

The theme was to make a pause within busy urban life - by shifting one's view point lower, near the earth.  Our contribution for this group show is a roll-up-to-carry tent, which allows you to bring your eye level near the ground and observe the sky.

DesignTide, 2008

2006年に発表した『OnWall』に続き、同じグループでDesignTide Tokyoに展示した作品です。


Date of exhibition: 

30 October - 3 November 2008

​DesignTide, Tokyo


D 1,000 / H 1,600 mm


tent: Linen, non woven polyester, glassfibre
base: felt, cotton

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