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Swarovski Projects

We took part in two exhibitions curated by Swarovski Elements, Austria.

Wedding Banquet Table Lamps,
Swarovski Crystallized™, 2008

This piece is for a wedding themed launch event named UNBRIDALED, held firstly in Paris and then toured around the world.  We designed table lamps, for the guests to take away as a memory of the day. We used crystals in a subtle way, just showing their reflected rays, dance around when it picks up the little tremor of a table.

tracing paper, LED lamp and batteries

D 85mm / H 170mm

Floe Coffee Table,
Swarovski Elements, 2010

'Floe' tables show reflected light and shadows projected by large crystals. The patterns move if the furniture is gently pushed.

They were shown at the 'Swarovski Elements at Work' exhibition at Triennale di Milano, 14-19 April 2010.  Our challenge was to pick up the materiality of the crystals in a different manner to the way the fashion industry uses them.  We worked with Lapalma on the production of the pieces. 


sheet metal, LED light unit

frosted toughened glass


​W 1,600 / D 700 / H 450 mm



Banquet Lamp』はウェディングをテーマとした巡回イベントでの展示品で、中に吊るしたクリスタルがテーブルのわずかな揺れを増幅し、光と影の動きをつぼみの形のシェードに投影します。




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