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Tansu Console, Monmaya +

'Traditional Urushi lacquered furniture which fits into the modern interior'

Monmaya in Sendai has, for 140 years, been making Urushi lacquered chests of drawers with metal corner protections and handles, which become nicely patinated over the years.

This piece was designed to retain the quality of Urushi finish, as well as to adapt its style to modern life.  The size of the drawer comes from the dimensions of Kimono when they are folded away.  Paulownia ( Kiri ) wood has moth repellent qualities - good for storing delicate woolen garment or silk scarves. 





Monmaya+, Japan

Metal part graphic:

Hiroko Takahashi


Fuki-Urushi (coloured lacquer)
casket: Ash, Zelkova (けやき)

Kijiro-Urushi (polished lacquer)
casket: Cryptomeria ()
drawer: Paulownia ()

base: Stainless Steel, powder coated


high console:
W 990 / D 420 / H 745 mm

low drawer:
W 990 / D 420 / H 550 mm

Tansu (7 of 7)
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Tansu (2 of 3)
Tansu (1 of 3)
Tansu (2 of 7)
Tansu (1 of 7)
Tansu (3 of 7)
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