Carry Stool

 Carry Stool, Ishinomaki Laboratory 

’Empty your tray, turn it upside-down and sit on it.’


A set of stacking stools, which can be upturned and used as a carrying container or tray. It is useful for gardening - you may sit comfortably and carry your harvest home.


Ishinomaki Laboratory was started after the Tohoku earthquake in 2011 - a volunteer team making simple furniture for temporary houses.  Now the Laboratory has grown and is employing local people, selling products worldwide.







2016年に芦沢啓治建築設計事務所がデザインした東北スタンダードマーケットの店舗にて、照明を組み込んだ展示棚としてCarry Stoolが使われています。




W 430 / D 140 / H 200 mm

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