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Silver Pigeon Award Trophy

Silver pigeon award trophy, British Council

'Flying bird to celebrate an award.'

A trophy for The Silver Pigeon Award, for the best national contributions at the London Festival of Architecture 2012.

The construction is mostly in paper, folded and stitched for the top section, and laminated for the base, which is anchored to an Oak panel.

Tomoko Azumi was nominated as the designer of this trophy by the Japanese Embassy, as the previous winner of the Silver Pigeon Award at the London Festival of Architecture in 2010.

2012年に開催されたLondon Festival of Architectureでの『銀のハト賞』のためのトロフィーです。ブリティッシュ・カウンシル主催の同賞を前年度に受賞した日本大使館から依頼を受け、日本代表から次の受賞者に手渡されるバトンとして、素材に紙を使いました。翼は折った紙をミシンで縫い合わせた造形で、ベースは紙を積層に重ねて作っています。


2012年度の『銀のハト賞』はナミビアに贈られ、トロフィーは『Definition of Space』という展示を行ったナミビア工科大学が受賞しました。

Award was presented to the Namibian Embassy for an exhibition 'Definition of Space' by the Namibian Directorate of Arts and Polytechnic of Namibia.


W 320 / D 500 / H 550 mm


paper, brass rod, Oak and laser engrave letters

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