Arête Jewellery Series

 Arête Jewellery Series, Eiger 

'Interpretation of tectonic upheaval'


'Eiger' is a jewellery collection originally directed by Terence Woodgate. Architects, graphic designers and product designers were invited to join this collection.


The series is called Arête and represents a simplified visual interpretation of 'upheaval' created by, for instance, the movement of the earth's crust or carving by a glacier.

Eiger はデザイナーのテレンス・ウッドゲイトが主導し、建築家やプロダクト系に加え、グラフィックデザイナーも参加した英国のジュエリーブランドで、現在はスペインで製造されています。




Rhodium plated solid sterling silver with matt silk finish.

Size (cm):


5.3 long x 0.9 on

adjustable 41 – 46 snake chain

Straight Earrings: 

3.7 long x 0.6

Arc Earrings: 

2.5 x 0.6


S 1.62 / M 1.72 / L 1.76


S 0.9 wide x 6.5 diameter

M 1.4 wide x 6.5 diameter

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