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Colorplan Continued x The Geometrist

Colorplan Continued x The Geometrist, G . F Smith

‘From sheet to Polyhedra'

For G . F Smith’s showroom windows in central London, we have designed, fabricated and installed a set of three sculpture applying the principles of our The Geometrist method of paper polyhedra, where structural strength comes from folding strips and gluing their ends.

The massive hanging roll of paper evolves into a 3 dimensional screen and structural shapes - the linkage of Hexagonal anti-prisms, forming into a shallow spiral.  

These window hangings celebrate the latest 4 colours in the Colorplan range - Chartreuse, Hot Pink, Rust and Slate - added after a world wide survey of ‘favourite colours’ which is a reflection of voices from today’s society.


イギリスの製紙会社 G . F Smith の商品 Colorplan に新色が足されたことを記念して、ロンドンのショールームのウィンドー展示をデザインし製作しました。


発表された新色は左から Hot PinkRustChartreuse3色と、下で繋がる濃いグレーの4色めのSlateです。

同時期に、地下ギャラリーでのインスタレーション『Spiral of Colour』も開催されています。

展示期間: 201911月 - 20203


G . F Smith


G . F Smith Show Space, London

window display size:
W 7.5 / H 2.5 / D 0.8 m

Colorplan 270gsm, PVA glue
cardboard tubes
wooden dowels, wire

Installation duration:
November 2019 - March 2020


Guy Archard

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