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The Geometrist

The Geometrist 

'Explorations in polyhedral paper construction.'


“The Geometrist” is a paper DIY kit to make models of polyhedra in paper.  The first two series consist of templates for the Platonic Solids, 5 regular polyhedra known from ancient times. The completed polyhedra are in a scale which sits comfortably on the palm of your hand.


Using a simple method of folded paper strips and glued corners, this kit provides outline polyhedral structures, which allows one to enjoy these three-dimensional forms better than surface models, as well as presenting you with possibilities to extend the paper structures beyond the basic polyhedra.




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Package size of DIY kit:

W 166 / H 315 / D 4 mm


Takeo, Japan

FSC Certified:

all materials;

kit paper, instruction & package


TNA Design Studio, UK

Takeo, Japan


TNA Design Studio

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