Wave Climbing Wall

Wave Climbing Wall, DesignTide 

Wave was one of three climbing walls exhibited at the main site of DesignTide, Tokyo. Cast resin holds, incorporating LED lighting, are attached to the wall and the audience are invited to participate by climbing the wall.

Three designs were presented in OnWall by Tomoko Azumi, Rie Isono and Norico Katayama.  These designs generate a discussion on how to fulfill instincts to climb high at home, whilst still keeping your interior stylish.

DesignTide, 2006

「自分の中にある欲求を正直にカタチにする」を基本テーマとして、DesignTide Tokyoのブース3つのクライミングの壁をデザインしたグループ展です。


Date of exhibition: 

1 - 6 November 2006

​DesignTide, Tokyo


W 3,000 / D 150 / H 2,800 mm

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