Raw Craft

Raw Craft, Crafts Council 

‘Prioritise the exhibits.'


'Raw Craft: fine thinking in contemporary furniture’, was curated by Brent Dzekciorius and Michael Marriott.


We designed display tables and information panels for reflecting the curated theme and for easy dismantling and construction for touring.  Linoleum was used for display surfaces, creating a non-reflective stage for the exhibits.



Raw Craft』は英国工芸協会の主催で7人の若手家具デザイナーを紹介する巡回展です。当スタジオでは展示ユニットのデザインと空間構成を手がけました。




展覧会の詳細は、英国工芸協会のRaw CraftHPにて。

1st exhibition was held at COLLECT, Saachi Gallery in London, 11-14 May 2012.


Crafts Council

Graphic design:
Turnbull Grey



between 50 to 200 m2


Sophie Mutevelian

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