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Overture, Lapalma 

‘Hide clutter and cast light and shadow.'


A room divider as well as a storage shelf. It is a slim column when closed, and turns into a partition when open. The screen casts shadows and shows the movement of people, as well as hiding the noise of the contents when you want a calm storage.


Launched in 1995 at Royal College of Art degree show, Lapalma started to produce in 1997.





子供のころの記憶にある、障子に映る庭の植物の影からインスピレーションを受け、Royal College of Artの卒業制作で発表し、1997年よりラパルマ社の製造が始まりました。


Lapalma​, Italy


W 560 / D 560 / H 1,880 mm

when opened: W 2,000 mm


Maple veneered plywood, powder coated steel frame, cotton

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