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Muscicapa, Piege 

'A stylish fly catcher.'

Muscicapa is fly catcher, designed for the Japanese company Piege.

The special fluorescent lamp attracts flies, who are lured into this product - then are caught by a sticky tape placed next to the lamp.  No zapping noise, no smell, the sticky tape is not toxic even if you touch it by mistake. This shape is from a musical instrument - the bandoneon.  When Tomoko saw a performance of Rodolfo Mederos playing Tango music on the bandoneon, she thought to adapt the shape of the instrument to this product  It is currently only available in Japan.





ベンハー芙蓉株式会社は厨房や食品工場で使われる捕虫器を製造しています。同じ技術を使い、家庭やカフェのインテリアになじむデザインです。虫の集まる形を試して点灯と捕虫をくりかえし、捕虫の効率と照明器具のようなたたずまいを考えました。商品名は空中で昆虫を捕まえる鳥、Fly Catcherのラテン名に由来します。


Piege, Japan


W 200 / D 200 / H 260 mm


shade & base: plastic
legs: chromed steel
lamp: EFD14BL for 100V