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The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, 
Ministry of Justice

'Furniture serves for function and evolution, also blends in harmony with a historic interior.'

TNA Design Studio were part of the design team for the new Supreme Court of the United Kingdom. We created a series of furniture for the courtrooms and the Justice's workrooms. 

The project was part of the renovation of the former Middlesex Guildhall on Parliament Square, London, led by Feilden+Mawson Architects. The completed Supreme Court was opened by H.M. the Queen, in October 2009.


Items designed:
-Benches ( hearing desks for Justices and Advocates ) with document trolleys
-Advocates Assistants desks
-Judical Assistants & Registrars desks
-Court Room 2 public seating
-Desk units in Justices offices

Our goals were to provide modern facilities and comfort for the furniture of the Court Rooms and to harmonise them with the other elements of the interiors.

Starting by researching hearings in the House of Lords and by measuring the documents brought into the courtroom, we designed this set of environmentally integrated furniture for optimum performance for the Justices, whilst also integrating the latest and future IT equipment.

Supreme Court, 2009






Court Room 1 & 3
Timber: Black American Walnut
Leather: dark Green

Court Room 2
Timber: European Oak
Leather: dark Blue

Size (mm):

CR1: W 950 / L 9,000 / H 760
CR2: W 950 / L6 ,000 / H 760
CR3: W 950 / L 5,500 / H 760

Justices document trolley:
W 1,150 / D 320 / H 700

Advocates assistants desk:
D 1,250 / L 9,500 / H 760

Court Room 2 public seating:
D 580 / L 5,500 / H 840

Desk unit in Justices office:
D 1,000 / W 2,000 / H 750

'Ona' by Kusch+Co.

designed by Jorge Pensi - modified by TNA

Partners in the project:
Feilden & Mawson

Luke Hughes & Co.

Morley von Sternberg

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