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Nesting Tables

Nesting Tables, Nextmaruni

'Table tops merge into space.’


A set of three side tables, nesting on top of each other within the footprint of one. The table-top is a frosted mirror which reflects a vague image of what is on it, as well as its surrounding.


Nextmaruni was a collection by Maruni between 2005 - 2008.

Maruni, 2005





マルニ木工の nextmaruni のために、コンピューター制御の切削機械と高い職人技の両方を組み合わせた「量産できる工芸品」としてデザインしました。


Maruni​, Japan


Oak and bead blasted mirror


D 550mm / H 500, 600 & 700mm


Yoneo Kawabe

NestingTables (2 of 2)
NestingTables (1 of 2)
NestingTables (1 of 3)
NestingTables (3 of 3)
NestingTables (2 of 3)
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