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ISOS Collection

ISOS Collection

“Trade fair stand to be re-built in different locations"


Designed as a transportable touring exhibition for the ISOS collection, curated by Metropolitan Works.


Each trade fair stand applied in-house fabricating method such as laser cut and digital printing, designed as back-drops and to display information on their products.  The system could be re-built for another show in different locations. Flat-pack structure and rolled or folded banners were used more than twice.





ISOS Collection


approx floor size:

12 x 20 m - 20 x 25 m


timber & MDF structure, cotton light pods, fluorescent tubes, vinyl banner, spot lights

ISOS Collection, 2006-2008

Isos (1 of 3)
Isos (3 of 3)
Isos (1 of 8)
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