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Misty Lounge

Misty Lounge (2 of 3)
Misty Lounge (3 of 3)
Misty Lounge (1 of 3)
Misty Lounge, Crafts Council

'Blurring the boundaries between space and objects.'


A room installation with furniture, light and shadow for one of three rooms in the "Tectonic" exhibition.  We used two thousand suspended bungee cords to make walls, woven into our Wire Frame furniture series.


Together with two tones of light, we created illusions in space - making furniture disappear in mist or creating moving shadows of the furniture on the walls.







Crafts Council, UK

Date of exhibition:

​14 April - 11 June 2000


W 6.0 / D 11.0 / H 2.8 m


Light screen wall, bungee cords, Wire Frame furniture, halogen lamp

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