Portfolio Case Study

Verso chairs

Mark, 2012

"versatile and charming chairs for a variety of occasions"




interior use
steel tube, powder coat

exterior use
Galvanised steel tube
Iroko slats


dining chair
W 470 / D 450 / H 790 mm
seat H 440 mm

W 545 / D 450 / H 790 mm
seat H 440 mm


product sheet by MARK


Where to buy?
UK: twentytwentyone

'Versatility' was the key word from the beginning. We approached it in many ways;

1. comfort - of course, for many types of the human body

2. adaptable design for different interior styles

3. variation of materials and colours, from basic to high price range

4. investigate best possible combinations utilising MARK's existing fabrication methods

Whilst taking care of the balance between visual comfort, ergonomics and fabrication practicalities, also trying to produce them at a reasonable price, we made numerous changes during the design development to adapt this product into existing fabrication methods and tooling, whilst at the same time seeking an elegant and well balanced shape to them.  This is because we wish to have a sustainable production line, to continue producing these chairs without unwanted stress or unstable supply of materials.

The client MARK is based in Cornwall. They are trying to revive their local industries through producing furniture and interior accessories.


contact: MARK

for UK specifiers: Coexistence


other items for MARK;
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'INPUT' exhibition was held at Coexisitence, London, from 16 March to 3 April 2012.  In the exhibition, MARK displayed the process of our Verso chair's development - from brief we received, scale models, material selection, to factory prototypes and the production tooling.  The documentary images are shown after 'process', in anti-chronological sequence.


イギリスの南西端のコーンウォール地方の産業を活性化させ、持続可能な地域社会を作ろうと頑張っているブランド MARK のための量産可能な椅子です。