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Röthlisberger, 1995

''Usable when it is folded away''




Plane tree & MDF

chest position:
W 400, D 400, H 760 mm

table position:
W 900, D 400, H 400 mm


たたんだ時は小引き出しとして使用し、引き出しの取っ手に手をかけて持ち上げ広げるとコーヒーテーブルになる家具です。Royal College of Artの卒業制作の作品としてデザインし、1999年まで英国にて自主製造販売をしました。

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A chest of drawers, can be turned into a low coffee table by single action - lift by top drawer handles.  Inspired by traditional Japanese dining room, which was turned into a bedroom at night, it was one of experimentations on furniture with dual function. 

It was in self-production in the UK until 1999.  Abode (Japan) has started to manufacture in 1997 for Japanese market.  It was relaunched for the rest of the world in 2007 by Röthlisberger (Switzerland).

Contact: Röthlisberger

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On-line exhibition
'An Object's Journey'
@Crafts Council site


'Super Contemporary' at Design Museum, London
       (30/06/09 - 04/10/09)
'Select in Collect' at Saatchi Gallery, London
       (15/05/09 - 17/05/09)
'A Dream Comes True' at SaloneSattellite, Milano
       (15/04/07 - 20/04/07)
'Cohabitations' at Saint-Étienne International Design Biennial
        (22/11/06 - 03/12/06)
'Jerwood Applied Art Furniture' at Crafts Council, London
        (12/08/04 - 18/09/04)
AZUMI solo exhibition, The Lighthouse, Glasgow
Salone Satellite, Milano
'Flexible Furniture' at Crafts Council, London

Parmanent collections;
Geffrye Museum
Crafts Council
Brighton Museum ( They put designer name is wrong! )



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Thomas Dobbie

last one: TNA Design Studio







英国工芸家協会(Crafts Counci)のHPにて『An Object's Journey』の記事になってこの作品が掲載されています。