Portfolio Case Study

Floe coffee table

Swarovski Crystallized™, 2010

''To enjoy subtle reflection through crystal''




coffee tables
large: W 1,600 / D 700 / H 450 mm
medium: W 900 / D 650 / H 450 mm
small: W 750 / D 600 / H 450 mm

sheet metal, frosted toughened glass, crystal, LED light unit


Co-designed by Tomoko Azumi and Barbara Etter

'Floe' tables have reflectied light and shadow by crystals and patterns move if furniture is gently pushed.

They are first shown at 'Swarovski Elements at Work' exhibition at Triennale di Milano, 14-19 April 2010. The project was developed to open up interior design market for Swarovski Elements, several designers took part in and worked with furniture or product manufacturers.

Our challenge was to pick up materiality of the crystals in different manner to the fashion industry uses them.  After experimentation with various crystals, we found that the ray light travel through crystal creates interesting charactor.  We worked with Lapalma and consealed floating crystals and LED beam units inside the caskets.


Featured article online: dezeen

A documentaly book 'Swarovski Elements at Work' is published September 2010 and some of the images are shown at Concept+Image's website.


contact: Swarovski selected shops

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このテーブルは2010年4月14日から19日までミラノのトリエンナーレにて開催された『Swarovski Elements at Work』展に出展されました。プロジェクトには12名のデザイナーが参加し、インテリアの領域でクリスタルを使うにはどんな方法があるか?という命題のもと、家具やインテリア小物、ラミネート素材のメーカーなどと共同して商品を開発しました。



書籍『Swarovski Elements at Work』に、製造過程の写真やコンセプトなどが収録されています。書籍の販売はスワロフスキーの基幹店かオンラインで。画像の一部はConcept+ImagesのHPでも紹介されています。


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