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products launch at Salone del Mobile, Milano

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‘timeless’ collection for Zilio

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early summer lunch

products launch at Salone del Mobile, Milano

Thursday 3 April 2014 Launch & Exhibition

We are showing new products at the following two locations during the Furniture Fair in Milano this year.


Sta and Ro-in-Wood for Zilio, at Fiera

We have re-modeled our folding chair Patan as a non-folding stacking chair.  By adding this model to Zilio's collection, customers can choose more variations in their space transforming solutions.  Also we have re-designed the Ro in Wood dining chair - to make it more comfortable and moderate its price.

Hall 6, stand B35
Salone International del Mobile

dates: 8 - 13 April 2014

Zilio's newsletter on the products launch


2010年にデザインした『Ro in Wood』にも変更を加え、座面を張り地でくるんで座り心地を良くしました。ダイニング・ルームを使いやすくするために生まれ変わる2点を、どうぞご覧ください。


J+I again, at Hands on Design, FuoriSalone

J+I - collaboration between Italian artisans and Japanese designers - are showing at FuoriSalone again.  This year 5 designers and 7 artisans are working on new items.

We have been working on glass 'Tangram' with Ercole Moretti from Murano, 'Cloud Mobile' with Sampietro 1927 and 'Elm Bench' with Nicola Tessari of SlowWood.

Hands on Design’ is an exhibition of international designers, craftsmen and artists who experiment with contemporary ideas and traditional techniques, in wood, wool felt, glass and forged iron.

Hands on Design at Polifemo
La Fabbrica del Vapore, Via Procaccini 4, Milano

dates: 8 - 13 April 2014
opening hours / 10:00 – 22:00
cocktail reception / Thursday 10 April, 18:00 – 22:00

J+I official site:

For press contacts:
Francesca Acerboni /

ミラノ市内の展示会場 La Fabbrica del Vapore にて、昨年のサローネで発足したコレクション「J+I」の2度目の展示を行います。今年は5人の日本女性デザイナーと7組の伝統職人のコラボレーションです。

わたしたちは3点の新作を発表します。ムラノのガラス工芸の老舗 Ercole Moretti とタングラム、錬鉄の工作所 Sampietro 1927 と雲形のモビール、そして北イタリアの木工職人のグループ SlowWood と共にベンチを制作しています。

発表の会場になる「Hands on Design」は、伝統工芸とデザインの融合をこころみるグループや会社の新作が集まる場所で、J+I が関わるガラス、鉄工、木工の他にも、フェルトや鋳物などの作品が展示されます。

J+I オフィシャルHP:



early summer lunch

Wednesday 2 April 2014 Everyday

We had Cucumber Vichyssoise for lunch - ahead of summer feeling.


birthday cake

Friday 16 August 2013 Everyday

Staff, ex-staff and their partners and an intern - all made a lunch to celebrate a day before my birthday.  Thank you all!


Scandinavian lunch

Thursday 20 June 2013 Everyday

'June' sounds summer.  We celebrate the summer solstice with Scandinavian style.  A bunch of Dill made these solution of dishes.


Japanese lunch, rarely

Monday 13 May 2013 Everyday

We have Japanese style lunch - very rarely.


butternut squash soup

Wednesday 8 May 2013 Everyday

Our latest intern Kirstin has been making our lunch tasty and healthy.  Butternut squash soup with giant mashroom with tomato topping plus salad.  Yummy.


cauliflower lunch

Friday 26 April 2013 Everyday

We redeived a large cauliflower from Riverford.  We made soup, and also used cauliflower leaves for salad topping.  Yes, edible.  Served with bagel and Chorizo stired potatoes.


‘timeless’ collection for Zilio

Tuesday 16 April 2013 Press Latest

The newly launched family of products from Zilio, has been featured on archiproducts web news.  They were launched at Miano Salone del Mobile, in Fiera last week.

Our Nico range has a few additional and Mentson's Celeri chair and stools, also Simon Kämpfer's Maru & Naga tableware series were launched at the same time.

ミラノ家具見本市の本会場で先週発表した、イタリアZilio社のためのNicoシリーズと、同時に出されたZilio社の新作がさっそく archiproductsサイトに掲載されました。

J+I Aperitif set for NasonMoretti

Monday 15 April 2013 Launch & Exhibition

Salone del Mobile in Milano has finished.  Thank you for coming for Zilio stand, as well as J+I exhibition at Sarpi Bridge.  This is oue of our new products - an Aperitif set for NasonMoretti.

J+I exhibition at Sarpi Bridge had 28 series of new designs by 6 designers.  Please visit our J+I official blog for more detail and future plan of selling items.




products launch at Salone del Mobile, Milano

Wednesday 3 April 2013 Launch & Exhibition

We are showing new products at the following two locations during the Furniture Fair in Milano this year.

Nico series for Zilio, at Fiera

Four items will be added to our Nico series, which was launched at last year's Salone.  Lounge chairs, High stools and two Coffee tables are released in natural wood and bright colours.

This series is designed to be used for cafes, restaurants and domestic houses, as well as office reception areas - to cheer up one's space with a friendly shape and comfortable seating.

Applying Zilio's local expertise, the Nico series has modest prices as well.

Hall 10, stand C24
Salone International del Mobile

dates: 9 - 14 April 2013

Zilio's newsletter on the products launch




J+I collection in Fuori Salone

We are showing new prototypes at a group exhibition named J+I - 6 Japanese female designers collaborate with Italian artisans.  Tomoko is in charge of J+I blog, to report factory visits and design developments.

“J+I” is a project between Italian traditional craftsman and 6 Japanese designers.

We... Kaori Shiina, Kazuyo Komoda, Kuniko Maeda, Sakura Adachi, Shinobu Ito and Tomoko Azumi, have been learning about the materials and characteristics of their techniques through conversation with skilled crafts people, in order to find our unique view points for this project.  We wish our Japanese approaches can result in a group of objects which are extending the market of the traditional crafts.

Our first collection, a result of collaboration with 13 Italian companies, will be launched at Sarpi Bridge, within the Oriental Design Week in FuoriSalone 2013.  Tomoko has been working with Riva1920 for their stool collection, as well as with Nason Moretti, a glass factory in Murano, for a set of drinking vessels.

Via Paolo Sarpi 6, 20154 Milano
in Sarpi Bridge - Oriental Design Week

dates: 9 - 14 April 2013
opening hours / 11:00 – 22:00
cocktail reception / Friday 12 April 2013, 19:00 – 22:00

J+I official site:

市内Sarpi地区の展示会場にて『J+I - イタリアの伝統工芸と日本人デザイナーとのコラボレーション』に参加します。安積朋子はプロジェクトの経緯を説明するブログ「」を手がけました。


安積朋子は木工のRiva1920とムクの杉から削り出すスツールを、ムラノのガラス工場Nason Morettiからは食前酒のためのセットを発表します。


Tomoko’s house in ’ML’ E-book

Wednesday 20 March 2013 Press Latest

モダンリビング・2011年11月号に掲載された安積朋子の住まいが、モダンリビング誌の編集による電子書籍『ML BOOKS vol.4 / イギリスの庭はもうひとつの部屋』に収録されました。写真家の下村康典氏による住まいとスタジオのインテリア写真とともに、10ページの特集になっています。



ML BOOKSのこの号では、編集部が訪れたイギリスのインテリアの例がたくさんの美しい写真で紹介されています。以下のリンクで購入できます。



Tomoko Azumi's home is featured in an electrical book published by 'Moden Living' from Japan.  Written in Japanese language only, unfortunately.  This house is in fact for sale right now.  It is a Victorian House right next to Epping Forest, Woodford Green.  If you are interested in, please contact our estate agent.

Friday Late at V&A

Thursday 21 February 2013 Seminar & Workshop

Tomoko is giving a talk about two pieces of furniture in the beautiful new Furniture Gallery at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, as part of the Friday Late Talk series.  It starts at 18.30 in the gallery, with her contribution commencing at 19.50. Further details are below, and other speakers include designer Terence Woodgate and gallerist Libby Sellers. Admission free.


The first piece she is talking about is Table=Chest, her own design from 1995.  The second talk is on a Chinese chair from the Ming Dynasty - Tomoko is willing to share what she has learnt about this iconic chair from 17th century with you.

ヴィクトリア&アルバート・ミュージアムの「Friday Late」では、金曜の夜に美術館全体が10時までオープンし、さまざまなイベントが催されます。その一つとして、昨年秋にオープンしたV&Aの家具ギャラリーにて『The Secret Life of Furniture』と題されたトークが企画され、デザイナーやキュレーターなどが展示されている中から選んだ家具について話します。


V&A Friday Late: The Secret Life of Furniture
Friday Late program and other speakers are in the pdf below.

Potato lunch

Tuesday 5 February 2013 Everyday

Our latest intern Marie has cooked shredded potatos dish. 


For four: 4 potatoes, two spoonful of flour, an egg, a shredded onion, a piece of garlic and solt & pepper.  Squeeze to get rid of water from potato, before press against heated pan.


Monmaya+ more articles

Tuesday 15 January 2013 Press Latest