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Charity Box Auction

Thursday 18 December 2014 Launch & Exhibition

We took part in "Charity Box Exhibition" in 2011, to raise funds to help the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami victims.  The exhibition was curated by Kazuyo Komoda and other people in Milano, put together within a month to be shown at Salone del Mobile, and demonstrated the designers wish to help after this exceptional disaster.  On the day of 4 years after the earthquake and Tsunami, donated pieces of the collection of the Charity Box Exhibition are going to be auctioned at Sotheby's in Milano, including our charity box "Birdsong Again in Tohoku".

You are able to bid from anywhere in the world - we hope many people will talk about this auction and make the best on the final contribution to people in the Tohoku region who still need our help, 4 years on from the disaster. Please do forward details of this auction to all your friends and colleagues.

venue: Sotheby's / Via Broggi, 19  Milano
date: 11 March 2015
viewing: 10.00-13.00 & 14.00-19.00
auction starts at 19.00

More information about bidding from abroad will be on website of L'isola della Society soon.
Press Release of 'Charity Box Auction'


2011年3月の大震災から間もなく、ミラノ在住のデザイナー菰田和世さんから声がかかり、サローネ期に間に合わせるため大急ぎで制作し、現地に持ち込んだ募金箱を『Charity Box Exhibition』という展示会に出展しました。約60点の作品が集まり、デザインを楽しんでもらいながら募金を集め、非営利団体 L'isola della speranza を通して災地に送りました。その後も世界の4カ所を巡回した展示会の作品が、震災から4年の来年3月11日にミラノでオークションにかけられます。わたしたちの作品は募金をさし込むたびに小鳥がさえずる『Birdsong Again in Tohoku』です。


場所: Sotheby's / Via Broggi, 19  Milano
日時: 11 March 2015
内覧: 10.00-13.00 & 14.00-19.00
オークション開始: 19.00

入札の詳細などはL'isola della speranzaのHPにて追ってお知らせします。

London Design Festival 2014

Sunday 14 September 2014 Launch & Exhibition

At the London Design Festival, we as showing our products at the following events.



Ishinomaki Laboratory at SCP

Our Carry Stool for Ishinomaki Laboratory is shown at SCP, who are hosting an exhibition called 'Simplified Beauty' to introduce products from Japan.

Ishinomaki Laboratory is a post-Tsunami project in Ishinomaki city, one of the disaster areas after the 2011 earthquake, helping to provide employment and regenerate the area.  Tomoko & TNA designed three items for Ishinomaki Laboratory - one is Carry Stool in the picture above, and two others are prototypes of the latest pieces, shown for the first time at SCP.

The latest Icon Magazine, issue 136 October 2014 is featuring Ishinomaki Laboratory and this Carry Stool.


こ の活動が、商品を通じてロンドンで紹介されます。東ロンドンにショップのあるSCPが『Simplified Beauty』と題する展示を開催し、その中心が石巻工房です。数人のロンドン在住のデザイナーの新作とともに、わたしたちがデザインした「Carry Stool」も販売され、この展示のために工房のみなさんががんばってくれた新作2点もお披露目になります。

また、この展示に関連しデザイン雑誌「icon」の最新号、vol.136 Octoberにて石巻工房の活動と家具が何点か紹介され、デザイン・ディレクターの芦沢啓治さんの作品と一緒に「Carry Stool」も紹介されました。

SCP East / 135-139 Curtain Road, London EC2A 3BX

dates: 13 - 21 September 2014
launch party: 16 September 2014, 6.30 - 9.00 pm

SCP newsletter


J+I Benches for SlowWood at 100% Design

We launched these J+I Benches this April at the Salone del Mobile in Milano - designed for SlowWood, a union of skilled craftspeople, with concerns about their environment and the succession of craftsmanship at the centre of their activities.

J+I Benches are a part of their first exhibition in London at 100% Design.

この4月のミラノ・サローネで発表したSlowWoodのためのJ+I Benchが100% Designにて紹介されます。SlowWoodは、イタリアの北部に拠点をもつ木工職人の集まりで、木工技術の継承とサステナブルな仕事を活動の中心とするユニークな存在です。

stand L-234, 100% Design London

dates: 17 - 20 September 2014


Design Kaleidoscope at 100% Design

At the centre stage of 100% Design, 'Design Kaleidoscope' is celebrating the 20th edition of 100% Design.  Curated by Gareth Williams, it will cover 5 time periods since 1995, exploring 5 groups of work from each period.

There are 3 pieces from Tomoko Azumi in this exhibition - Table=Chest from 1996, and Spin Table of 2008 and Verso chair from 2012, both for MARK.

100% Designのメインステージとなる特別展『Design Kaleidoscope(デザイン万華鏡)』は、今年で20回目の開催となる100% Design Londonを祝い、過去20年の展示を5年ごとのパートに分け、各パートに5作品を選んだ、とプレス・リリースにありますが、どんな展示なのかは行ってみないとわかりません、、。

この中に、安積朋子のデザインした3点が入ります。1996年、初めてデザイン見本市で展示をした時の展示品『Table=Chest』、2008年と2012年にイギリスの家具レーベルMARKから発表した『Spin Table』と『Verso』の3点です。

Centre stage, 100% Design London

dates: 17 - 20 September 2014
late opening: 18 September 2014, - 9.00 pm


PechaKucha Night at 100% Design

Tomoko Azumi is one of the speakers at 100% Design PechaKucha Night, one of three PechaKucha events during the London Design Festival.

20 slides are introducing her life-time interest in paper models and diorama, her collection of ephemera, and introducing one of her latest projects "1:16 Mini Museum" - flat packed sets of small paper models of historic chairs and interiors, co-produced by Kami no Kosakujo in Japan.

今年のロンドン・デザイン・フェスティバルでは3回のPechaKucha Nightが行われますが、100% Designのレイト・オープニングの回に安積朋子も参加します。

今回のペチャクチャでは、安積朋子の子供の頃からの興味である紙モデルとそれを取り巻く「Ephemera(はかない紙のあれこれ)」に焦点を当て、近年のヴィンテージ紙コレクションを紹介し、この10月に発売になるシリーズ『1:16 Mini Museum』をちらっとご紹介します。『1:16 Mini Museum(16分の1 ミニ・ミュージアム』は、世界の名作椅子とその背景のインテリアを組み立てる紙ジオラマのキットで、かみの工作所との共労です。

Auditorium, 100% Design London

dates: 18 September 2014, 18.00 -
Talks with 100% Design info

useful + beautiful

Thursday 1 May 2014 Launch & Exhibition

Our design TRA for Zilio is in an exhibition just started at Geffrye Museum.   The exhibition is opned until 25 August 2014.

Zilio(伊)のためにデザインしたTRAが、東ロンドンのインテリア博物館 Geffrye Museum での展示会『useful + beautiful』にて展示されています。期間は2014年8月25日までです。

products launch at Salone del Mobile, Milano

Thursday 3 April 2014 Launch & Exhibition

We are showing new products at the following two locations during the Furniture Fair in Milano this year.


Sta and Ro-in-Wood for Zilio, at Fiera

We have re-modeled our folding chair Patan as a non-folding stacking chair.  By adding this model to Zilio's collection, customers can choose more variations in their space transforming solutions.  Also we have re-designed the Ro in Wood dining chair - to make it more comfortable and moderate its price.

Hall 6, stand B35
Salone International del Mobile

dates: 8 - 13 April 2014

Zilio's newsletter on the products launch


2010年にデザインした『Ro in Wood』にも変更を加え、座面を張り地でくるんで座り心地を良くしました。ダイニング・ルームを使いやすくするために生まれ変わる2点を、どうぞご覧ください。


J+I again, at Hands on Design, FuoriSalone

J+I - collaboration between Italian artisans and Japanese designers - are showing at FuoriSalone again.  This year 5 designers and 7 artisans are working on new items.

We have been working on glass 'Tangram' with Ercole Moretti from Murano, 'Cloud Mobile' with Sampietro 1927 and 'Elm Bench' with Nicola Tessari of SlowWood.

Hands on Design’ is an exhibition of international designers, craftsmen and artists who experiment with contemporary ideas and traditional techniques, in wood, wool felt, glass and forged iron.

Hands on Design at Polifemo
La Fabbrica del Vapore, Via Procaccini 4, Milano

dates: 8 - 13 April 2014
opening hours / 10:00 – 22:00
cocktail reception / Thursday 10 April, 18:00 – 22:00

J+I official site:

For press contacts:
Francesca Acerboni /

ミラノ市内の展示会場 La Fabbrica del Vapore にて、昨年のサローネで発足したコレクション「J+I」の2度目の展示を行います。今年は5人の日本女性デザイナーと7組の伝統職人のコラボレーションです。

わたしたちは3点の新作を発表します。ムラノのガラス工芸の老舗 Ercole Moretti とタングラム、錬鉄の工作所 Sampietro 1927 と雲形のモビール、そして北イタリアの木工職人のグループ SlowWood と共にベンチを制作しています。

発表の会場になる「Hands on Design」は、伝統工芸とデザインの融合をこころみるグループや会社の新作が集まる場所で、J+I が関わるガラス、鉄工、木工の他にも、フェルトや鋳物などの作品が展示されます。

J+I オフィシャルHP:



early summer lunch

Wednesday 2 April 2014 Everyday

We had Cucumber Vichyssoise for lunch - ahead of summer feeling.


birthday cake

Friday 16 August 2013 Everyday

Staff, ex-staff and their partners and an intern - all made a lunch to celebrate a day before my birthday.  Thank you all!


Scandinavian lunch

Thursday 20 June 2013 Everyday

'June' sounds summer.  We celebrate the summer solstice with Scandinavian style.  A bunch of Dill made these solution of dishes.


Japanese lunch, rarely

Monday 13 May 2013 Everyday

We have Japanese style lunch - very rarely.


butternut squash soup

Wednesday 8 May 2013 Everyday

Our latest intern Kirstin has been making our lunch tasty and healthy.  Butternut squash soup with giant mashroom with tomato topping plus salad.  Yummy.


cauliflower lunch

Friday 26 April 2013 Everyday

We redeived a large cauliflower from Riverford.  We made soup, and also used cauliflower leaves for salad topping.  Yes, edible.  Served with bagel and Chorizo stired potatoes.